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Smart drinking

Drink cleverly

What does thirst have to do with intelligence? A lot. Our body needs fluid all day long. If it does not get enough, thirst strikes. That is normally a warning signal. The body complains: Water shortage.

Brain power is off and the ability to concentrate drops. The blood can no longer flow correctly and, since water is an important transport medium and solvent in the body, the required substances no longer reach the parts of the body where they are needed quickly enough. So a lack of water can make you tired and your head slow.

Depending on age, physical activity and ambient temperature, we need between one and a half and three liters of fluid every day. Coffee and beer enhance the drinking balance just as little as a glass of red wine for dinner. Pure, clean and healthy water is the best for the body and has no calories.

A small water trick: Measure out the amount of water you require for the day in the morning. From a nice decanter or an elegant flask, drinking water is fun and gives you healthy pleasure.

With a SecoSan stick, you ensure that the water stays fresh and tasty all day long, since the oxygen content in the water remains bound.

It's a smart thing, our body. Thirst is a warning mechanism. Water makes great minds and brilliant ideas possible.