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Drinking, the fundamental element

Drinking, the fundamental element

Today, eating a balanced diet is on the agenda for many working people. Quick snacks, often with high fat contents, end up on their lunch plates. And they are not always made from the best quality foods, for example meat from intensely farmed animals. More and more people are finding they have an intolerance to certain food products. The most common are allergies to cows' milk and soya protein, and gluten intolerance, or coeliac disease. Currently around 0.3 percent of people in Germany suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestinal lining brought on by the consumption of gluten, which is found in certain types of grains.

The result: bloating, diarrhoea, weight loss and protein and vitamin deficiencies. The only treatment doctors can recommend is the gluten-free diet. With a gluten-free diet, it is absolutely crucial to include lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and pulses in your daily diet, because these are naturally gluten-free and contain the carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins that the body needs. Above all, fibre is important, because it stimulates the digestive system - albeit only when consumed with a lot of water. Which is why those suffering from coeliac disease should drink a lot of fresh water. Doctors advise drinking up to three litres of water or tea per day. This provides the body with the right amount of fluids and allows the water-soluble fibre to be absorbed. 

Do you also suffer from an allergy or from coeliac disease? Or do you feel you are not eating a balanced diet? Reach for more fruit, vegetables and pulses, and give your daily consumption of water top priority in your diet. Drinking water is particularly fresh and pure when it is stored in a jug with a SecoSan stick. The SecoSan stick binds the water's oxygen content, protects against contamination and prevents bacteria growth. Drink two to three litres of
SecoSan water every day - for an improved feeling of well-being.