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Drinking water, eating water

Our body needs vitamins, mineral substances and nutrients– and above all water. Especially because humans often forget to drink, we should ensure consciously that our body is supplied with sufficient quantities of water. The simplest way to ensure this is to drink specifically more than two litres of fresh water every day. But eating the right kind of food can also help to meet the water needs of our body. To do this,we should know more about the water content of our food. For there is food with a higher content of water and food with a lower content of water. Above all fruit and vegetableshave a high water content. The most water rich vegetable is a cucumber. The water content of a cucumber is 96 per cent. A water melon has a water content of 93 per cent, and also lettuce! Apples and plums consist of more than 80 per cent water. But even cheese, bread, fish and meat contain water.

Did you know that beef and lean pork consist of more than 70 per cent water? And, depending on the type of dough used, even bread has a water content of 35 to 45 per cent. Try for yourself and make a list of the water-rich food you love most and in this way supplement the water supply of your body. However, because the water content in food varies greatly, you must not forget to drink,even when you eat healthily. And alcohol does not play any part in supplying your body with water. On the contrary, it withdraws fluid from your body. You should even do without lemonades and excessive drinking of juices.

For in this way you ingest unnecessarily large quantities of sugar. Mineral water, drinking water and teas are the best variants. Satisfy your body's thirst for water by "eating" and drinking water. SecoSan Stick provides you with especially fresh and pure drinking water; SecoSan Stick is simply deposited in your water pitcher or in your water bottle. Enjoy a ready supply of the best fresh water! This is our promise.