One glass too many? Water will help!

Christmas parties with a few glasses of hot toddy can be a real pleasure. And New Year's Eve gets particularly prickly for some people when the champagne corks start popping. A birthday party without the usual beer? Unthinkable for many people! But, usually, the more alcohol one drinks, the worse the headache and dizziness the next morning. This is because alcohol makes the body secrete more water and salts. Which is why nutritionists advise you, in particular, to drink plenty of water if you have enjoyed one too many glasses of champagne, wine or beer. One rule of thumb is to drink one large glass of water for every alcoholic drink. If you don't want to wake up with a hangover in the morning, you should definitely drink a large glass of water and take on some salt before going to bed. Half a teaspoon of salt at bedtime can work wonders! But drinking salt water is not everyone's cup of tea. Try it with a good pinch of salt sprinkled on a slice of tomato. A few salty pretzel sticks can also help prevent headaches in the morning. There is one very simple recipe for a sensible water supply.  Drink fresh tap water. If you prepare it before the party, with a SecoSan Stick, it will be waiting, clear and pure, to assuage your thirst before you go to bed. The SecoSan Stick will keep the water clean and fresh so that even through the night you will always have refreshing water within reach. And the next morning you can enjoy a refreshing drink before getting up. And if you are still complaining of a headache in the morning, have yourself a breakfast that is rich in salts and vitamins, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.