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Fully equipped for on the go.

As soon as children arrive you're out and about almost all the time, especially at the weekends. Playgrounds, playing fields, walks in the woods and outings to the countryside all draw you out of the house. With this, the cardinal rule for parents is: don't forget the food and drinks! Otherwise the children's good moods will soon turn. Even more importantly: regular hydration is crucial. Drinking plenty of fluids keeps you healthy and gives you energy for the whole day. That also applies to adults, but is above all important for children. Figures show how important fluid intake is for the body.

On average we consume 2.5 litres of water per day, 1.5 litres from drinks, 0.6 litres from food and 0.4 litres from oxidation water produced through metabolism.

Therefore: drinking is key. But make sure you choose the right drink for your children. Lemonade contains too much sugar and fruit juices don't quench your thirst and also contain sugar. The simplest option is the best - water!

Treat your children to the clear fresh energy booster even when on the go. The fresher the better. The best bet is to fill a shatter-proof glass or plastic bottle with water at home and pack it in your rucksack. Are you using a SecoSan Stick? Even better! Because this will ensure you have fresh, pure water available at all times. At home, at playgroup, on the go - with SecoSan your children will always have the sparkling fresh energy booster to-hand.