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Get well soon - thanks to water!

When the weather is cold and wet, hardly anyone is immune to colds. The spring sunshine quickly deceives you and you leave your scarf and hat at home. And then you get a cold. Some people get too near to an ailing neighbour, or drink from the same glass as their child who has the snuffles. The symptoms of the common cold that you have caught don't take long to appear. Coughing, sniffing and headaches set in, and the best thing you can do is to spend a few days in bed to get properly cured. To speed up your recovery, the phlegm that is stuck in your airways needs to be loosened and eliminated as quickly as possible. In actual fact, the build-up of phlegm is the body's defensive response to the virus. And it is not only annoying, it can also be very painful. When the cough is an irritating one, the doctor may recommend a suppressant. Those suffering from a persistent cough are usually prescribed an expectorant. Even when the sinuses are inflamed,  the phlegm first needs to be loosened before any recovery can begin. Your doctor will tell you which medication is best for which type of illness. But one thing is top of the doctor's list, whether you have a cold or an infection –  drink water! anyone who is sick should drink more water than usual or drink unsweetened tea, as this will loosen the painful, infected phlegm. Two to three litres per day is ideal. And, again ideally, the water should be fresh and pure. You can get it quickly and easily – straight from the tap. Put several litres in a large jug and add a SecoSan Stick. For this binds the oxygen in the water and keeps it fresh and clean for very long periods. The ideal, natural medication for coughs and colds. Try it for yourself! You can, of course, use fresh SecoSan water to make camomile or peppermint tea. You will notice that it tastes particularly invigorating and it will help put you back on your feet quickly. For a quick recovery whenever you have a cold or virus!