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Happy Birthday - for all!

Happy Birthday – for all!

We all remember it from the good old days. A children's birthday party is simply teeming with sweet and colourful things. It's no different today. The little ones tuck into cakes, muffins with colourful icing and cake pops.  These are followed by chocolate marshmallow eating contests, blindfolded jam feeding and other fun and sticky games. It may not be scientifically proven that excessive sugar indulgence makes children hyper. But many parents observe this phenomenon – and fear it. As a host, you obviously don't want to spoil the fun and lay out a children's party buffet exclusively with healthy, vitamin-rich snacks and "surprise" the little treasure hunters with crunchy apples in the "hit-the-pot" game. Make a compromise.

The children don't have to go without cake and sweets. But you can safely leave out lemonade, coke and syrup drinks. Instead of serving the children sugary drinks, give them fresh, clean water. This refreshes their sweet tooth and tones down the aftermath of the party. Prepare several decanters with tap water. With a SecoSan stick, it remains fresh for a particularly long time, since the SecoSan stick absorbs the acid in the water. It will be a hit at the party for the children when they fill colourful glasses with water and decorate them with strawberries and colourful straws.

This way, all the party guests enjoy their refreshing water cocktails.  And on top of that, it's healthy. The children will thank you if they are not completely worn out after the birthday party. And the parents can even put their children calmly to bed in the evening.  This way, the celebration is fun for all!