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Take it easy!

Congratulations, you're pregnant! And, of course, you want to do all you can to protect your unborn child. So you pay particular attention when you're being given advice. You stop eating cheese made from unpasteurised milk, because it can carry listeria bacteria. Vegetables fertilised with dung can also carry listeria. So you should wash it thoroughly, or, better still,  only eat boiled or roasted vegetables. You shouldn't lift heavy weights. The recommendation for advanced pregnancies is usually "no more than five kilograms". And, moreover, the muscles of the pelvic floor, stomach and back should not be overloaded! But it is precisely during the final weeks of pregnancy that a woman gets thirstier. After all, you also have to look after your little one,. However, carrying water tanks is taboo. So what should you do to quench your thirst every day? Take it easy – and take the easiest option. It is an advantage that the easiest option is also the healthiest for you and your child. Use your own private water source at home, which never runs dry – your tap! Our tap water is carefully monitored by the authorities and is excellent quality. It is also ideal for pregnant women. A tip: Using a SecoSan Stick will keep it fresh and pure for very long periods. There will be no build-up of germs. And the SecoSan Stick will bind the oxygen in the water. A totally invigorating and refreshing treat! In this way you can be sure that you are only drinking the very best water, and that the inconvenience of carrying around water containers, or getting others to do it for you, is a thing of the past. Nice and easy and healthy!