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Water for a child's healthy sleep

A busy day with your child is coming to a close. As nice as it was, it is usually the parents who are looking forward to their offspring's bedtime. That is when peace will prevail and they can relax. But your peaceful evening, or even your night, is often interrupted by your child calling out. "I'm thirsty!" Of course you are happy to bring a glass of water to the child's bed so that they can quench their thirst. But don't you also often catch yourself heaving a sigh when your child is in need of a night-time drink? You have to run to the kitchen, fetch the water and take it to the child's room. It's understandable that you might resent this a little, for at the end of the day, you have earned yourself a little peace and quiet.  Make things easier for both yourself and your thirsty child. Make preparations for their nightly thirsts. First of all you can prevent thirst by ensuring that the child's room is not too warm. Anyone who sweats a lot at night loses water and is more thirsty. You can also set up a drink station. Provide a jug of water and place a beaker or glass next to it. This way, at night, when your child wakes up thirsty, you can get up briefly, pour some water and give them a drink. If you put a SecoSan Stick in the water, it will stay fresh and pure all night long. After all, your little one ought not to be taking on any stale or impure water during the night. The SecoSan Stick binds the oxygen in the water and prevents germ formation. With your SecoSan drink station in the child's room you will always have the important night-time refreshment to hand. And you can have a few sips of the fresh water yourself at the same time. This way, you and your child will both quickly go back to sleep after your short drinks break. For a healthy sleep: SecoSan water by the bedside!