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Blow Anna!

Blow Anna!

That's right, Anna. Water also comprises oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen are an exciting combination. Both of them together make a chemical compound which can occur in nature either in liquid, solid or gaseous form. And that is, as far as we know so far, unique.

Yes, Anna: Ice-skating, the steaming tea kettle and the fresh, cool water in the glass; all of these are made of those two things together: hydrogen and oxygen.

An exciting pair, Anna. Whereby the oxygen quite likes to stray off and react with other substances.

It is therefore sensible to offer the oxygen something it likes and keep it from straying off. Gold, diamonds, shares? No, Anna. The oxygen likes silver, like in the SecoSan stick.

In this way, our water does not get exhausted even when it stays stagnant for a while, and it stays fresh and tasty.

hydrogen and oxygen. A flexible and versatile pair. Steam, ice, liquid; either way, it is all water..