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Finest taste

Finest taste

The first thing many people do in the morning is go to their coffee machine to make themselves a coffee. For most of us, starting the day without a coffee is hard to imagine. But coffee is now much more than just a morning stimulant. Drinking coffee has achieved cult status. First a milk coffee for breakfast, then after lunch a strong espresso provides a pleasant feeling in the stomach. And in the afternoon meeting up with friends for a nice latte macchiato.

On average, each German drinks 165 litres of coffee per year. Emphasis is placed mainly on the right bean and a perfect machine.

But for the finest coffee flavour one thing is absolutely vital: the ideal water. It should be neither too soft nor too hard. Experts say the hardness should be at around 8. And the pH value should be as neutral as possible. If coffee is brewed with water that is too hard, the aroma can not develop properly and the coffee tastes bland. Those who use water that is too soft run the risk of the coffee tasting very bitter. Chlorinated water should be avoided, because this prevents the flavour and other flavoursome substances from being released while the coffee is brewing.

Conclusion: The key to good coffee is fresh, pure and oxygen-rich water. With a SecoSan Stick you'll always have fresh and oxygenated water on hand – all day long for the best coffee flavour.