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No way - truly 70 %?

Get out of here, 70%, really?

Humans are up to 70 % water. Of course, we are a lot more as well. We are love, laughter, delight and frustration, friends, neighbors and colleagues, but quite simply from a biological point of view: we are also 70% water.

The water in our body has various functions. For one thing, it works like an air conditioner. When it's cold outside, it can store heat, but it can also help us to cool down when we sweat in the summer or when going on strenuous mountain hikes ...

In the body, water is like a canal; the great barges help to transfer goods from A to B. Water does not only transport acid, but dissolves nutrients so that they can be processed by our body in the best way possible.

And when everything that is good for our body is consumed, water also disposes of the residual waste. Great cleanup through water power.

So that the constant water loss is balanced, we should drink a sufficient amount. And, of course, the following also applies here: pure water is the most fun for the body and is the best for our health.

Water helps the body when it is hot and when it is cold. And water is an important transport medium for nutrients.