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More than just a thirst-quencher

Human beings can survive for weeks without food. But only days without water. To stay healthy we ought to drink far more than one litre of water per day, and eat food which contains plenty of fluid. Our body actually loses around two and a half litres of water per day due to secretions and via the skin. What was once merely a survival issue has now become a cult - drinking water. Many young women in schools and universities always have a bottle of mineral water with them which they appreciatively put to their mouth at break-times. Even lots of Hollywood stars swear by volcanic Fiji water which, due to its high silica content, is meant to strengthen the skin, hair and fingernails. Glacier water from Norway or Iceland is even meant to help prolong one's life-span, as it is said that it is absolutely pure, almost entirely sodium-free, and particularly oxygen-rich. Above all, it is fashionable, of course, if you can refer to waters with exotic names and labels on their bottles as your favourite drink, or serve them to visitors with coffee or dinner. Actually, the effects claimed are being increasingly challenged, but one thing is beyond doubt - if you drink plenty of water you will be healthier. So the "water as a lifestyle drink" trend is one which is particularly healthy. But it does not always have to involve imported, expensive, pure drinks from remote glacier regions. The water in this country, too, is very high quality.  For the sake of your health and well-being, make the most of it. Fill a jug with this à la mode drink and add a SecoSan Stick. This will bind the oxygen and keep the water fresh and pure for long periods of time, and it also prevents germ formation. So why not follow the "made in Germany" fashion – fresh from the tap!