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Water makes you beautiful!

Water makes you beautiful!

Did you know? Human skin consists of 80% water, and when it comes to elementary natural beauty, not only is outer skin care important, but also inner skin care. There is after all a reason why models are almost always to be found with their obligatory water bottles.

Dry skin is the enemy of beauty! The skin becomes rough, scaly and loses its natural shine.

In stark contrast to this, regular drinking of water supports skin circulation, supplies the inner skin cells with moisture, gives them more volume and allows a healthy supply of oxygen to the skin. This not only improves the skin's appearance, it has also been proven to provide a greater feeling of well-being.

The result: rosy skin, a fresh complexion and wrinkle-free beauty.

But before you invest a small fortune in expensive mineral water, as more and more Hollywood beauties are preaching, save yourself the investment and just enjoy 1 or 2 litres of fresh tap water per day. Tap water is the most tested product in Germany and is readily available in any place – no need to drag around crates and bulky empty bottles.

Freshly chilled, garnished with ice cubes and a slice of lemon – tap water is every bit as good as any expensive mineral water! And so that your water is not only served cool, but also fresh from the fridge throughout the day, SecoSan Stick ensures lasting freshness.

Good health!