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Luxury and well-being

The home bathroom is becoming ever more significant. Hardly anyone these days wants to be without a rain shower, nice accessories, pretty soaps and pretty jars of cream as decoration. And furthermore, luxury well-being spas are all the fashion. For the average German, having the greatest possible comfort in the bathroom is increasingly the norm. And, in this respect, everything revolves around the element that is water.

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Up to the lakes, down to the sea!

Whatever the time of year, after a hard week at work everyone wants to take it easy, recharge the batteries and chill out. And days out in natural surroundings are a popular choice. Most people wanting a break head for the coast, rivers, reservoirs and lakes. And for good reason! Being near water has a relaxing effect on us. We breathe in the fresh air, listen to the ripples, and enjoy the sight of this powerful element. And we find a sip of cool water particularly refreshing. Category: Life style

Category: Lifestyle

Pure relaxation

Quiet, relaxation, well-being: the gentle tinkling of water improves the atmosphere in a room. So more and more people are opting for an indoor fountain. But all the relaxation is quickly forgotten the first time that you come to clean it. Anyone using normal water will quickly need to deal with limescale deposits and algae. A SecoSan Stick in the water will keep your indoor fountain fresh for ages and save you lots of time. Category: Lifestyle

Category: Lifestyle

Hot teas, hot trends

In autumn and winter we enjoy being very comfortable and harmonious. Even a large dose of romance is desirable. On cold, rainy winter evenings you can bring this cosy atmosphere right into your living room – with a cuddly blanket on the settee and a pot of hot tea on the coffee table.

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Cocktails - pure enjoyment!

Cocktails - pure enjoyment!

Cocktails are loved by everyone and sweeten many an evening on weekends. Whether it is tangy-fruity, seductively sweet or strong and dry. All good cocktails stand or fall with whether or not they are made with just the right amount of ice. Make sure that you have a sufficient quantity of ice cubes in your home bar. But they need to be fresh!

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Source of harmony

Water gives us energy and strength, and provides balance and harmony. This was known by ancient Chinese philosophers, who combined wind and water to design the theory of harmony known as Feng Shui. Water is and always has been the elixir of life and the source of harmony and strength for all healthy and nature-loving people.

Category "Lifestyle"