Up to the lakes, down to the sea!

For many of us, our working day is very stressful. And the week is also filled with domestic chores, paperwork, visits to the doctor and such like. It's no wonder that everyone looks forward to a quiet weekend when they can switch off, recuperate and recharge. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, the Great Outdoors often calls to us. We jog around lakes, walk along river promenades, enjoy a drive to the coast, or ramble around reservoirs. Water, in whichever form, is attractive to anyone involved in recreation. On the one hand, this is due to the moist, fresh air one finds near water. It clears the airways and allows us to breathe in deeply. On the other hand, there is the appealing natural spectacle that this element offers. It stirs our finest senses. Anyone who has ever thrown a stone into water knows the many forms and movements that water can create. Watching this moves us, inspires to reflect, and bestows an inner calm. Anyone looking at a waterfall is awed by the sheer power of the element – a spectacle that fills us with energy and revives the spirit. The playful gurgling of a brook, the powerful roar of a river, the splashing and booming of the waves onto a coast –  they all have a magical effect on us. Being near to water basically purifies our spirit. And whenever we need an energy boost, we also use the power of water – by drinking it. There is no drink that has such a refreshing and energising effect on human beings as pure, fresh water. Recognising water to be an energy source, we developed the SecoSan Stick. It keeps your water clear and clean so that you can get your energy boost whenever you need it, by drinking. Fill up! Any time!