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Luxury and well-being

For many people, a rain shower is the very minimum when turning their bathroom into a small, private SPA. Apart from the sparkling water, integrated lighting in the walls and ceiling offer a form of light therapy aimed at reinforcing the sense of relaxation while one showers. And, in the bathtub itself, one does not simply bathe - one relaxes. And for that you need bubbles. So you either incorporate a jacuzzi into your new bathroom or, at least, a bath with whirlpool. For many people, their dream is a luxury bathroom. The dream and the interpretation of having one's own little oasis are, of course, very different - some prefer it to be absolutely modern, while others go for sheer elegance. The bathroom's furnishings and decoration may be plain or opulent. But at the heart of its design, fixtures and fittings is one element – water.

Apart from a rain shower and whirlpool bath, the luxury fittings that people value so highly may include an additional bidet, a heated floor, quality shower room with massage jets, a steam shower, exclusive lighting and even a separate sauna. In the evenings and at the weekend, you get away from it all and switch off in your own, private oasis of well-being. With cosmetics, gentle soaps and lovely, warm water you can revive body and soul at your leisure. Whether you opt for a lengthy, relaxed bath, an invigorating sauna or an energising massage in the whirlpool. While the water plays gently around your body, don't forget to pamper it from the inside as well – with clear, fresh drinking water. Drinking water – a luxury good – promotes tranquillity and regenerates your skin. And treat yourself to a little extra –  set the same high standards for your drinking water, and use a SecoSan Stick to ensure that your invigorating drink is always fresh and pure. You've earned a little luxury.