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Source of harmony

So you love the peaceful effect that the tinkling sound of water has on you? And you want to curl up on the sofa after a hard day's work and listen to the natural background sounds? For many people, an indoor fountain means pure relaxation, and it improves the atmosphere in your living room. As well as the gentle lapping, the senses are stimulated when you watch the waters play. Another argument in favour of an indoor fountain is that it increases the humidity in your room. And, particularly when the air is dry because of heating, this benefits the skin and airways. But an indoor fountain also means some hard work if the wrong water is used. Anyone feeding their fountain with normal tap water will soon get a nasty shock. Depending on how hard the water is, limescale deposits will quickly build up. Not only does this look bad, it can also damage your fountain. For if the limescale gets into the workings, the pump can very quickly break down. You also have to keep an eye open for any algae build-up. Save yourself some bother, and protect your fountain from impurities. Place a SecoSan Stick in your fountain and you can forget limescale and impurities for long periods. The SecoSan Stick works with silver. The silver ions in the Stick enclose germs and bacteria. This more or less prevents any proliferation. The water stays clean and fresh and fulfils its one purpose - to bring you well-being and harmony.