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Source of harmony

Source of harmony

Water invigorates you and releases energies. This was known by ancient Chinese philosophers. In their theory of harmony known as Feng Shui – which deals with the harmonisation of man with his environment – they therefore attached particular importance to water.

In English, "Feng Shui" literally means wind and water. This clearly shows what a major role water plays in combination with harmony, energy and force. Water flows and follows its own path, the one with the least resistance. It cleanses, refreshes and renews all life. For each and every one of us water plays an essential role. We must drink to live. And we must drink a lot to live healthily. Water gives energy and strength.

The better the quality of the water, the more energy it gives us and the more balanced our body is. Both philosophers and the Feng Shui practitioners today appreciate the immense importance of pure, flowing or still water for the energising of habitat and body. And you too can go further than simply ensuring a balanced water supply for your body by drinking lots of water – give your body a real treat with pure and fresh water.

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Water ensures harmony in your body and gives you the energy you need.