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Hot and lively

An evening cocktail is always great when starting the weekend or meeting friends. Sociable, merry, lively –  That's the ideal lead-in to a fun-filled party evening. But when it's cold outside, the palate is often hoping for a hot drink. And if a hot toddy is just a little too routine for you, why not try out this recipe – a hot Caipirinha! Not only will it warm you up, the lime's vitamin injection refreshes and invigorates at the same time. Prepared with fresh SecoSan water, the hot Caipirinha will quickly become your favourite winter cocktail.

5 cl Cachaça
10 cl hot SecoSan water
6 lime segments
3 teaspoons brown cane sugar

Wash the lime well and cut off the ends. Cut the fruit into eight parts. Put the lime segments into a strong cocktail glass and sprinkle with the cane sugar. Using a wooden spoon, crush the lime segments together with the sugar. Boil the SecoSan water and add the cachaça. Heat up once more and fill the cocktail glass with the SecoSan-water-cachaça mixture. And that's your hot Caipirinha!

Tip: The hot SecoSan water intensifies the lime flavour. So don't use too many pieces in the cocktail. For a specially wintry version, add a few sprigs of mint before adding the hot drink to the crushed lime segments.