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Look after your body with pure water

Rigorous oral hygiene gives you fresh breath and a beaming smile. The water that you use when cleaning your teeth also makes a large contribution to this. Put the stick into the water tank of your oral irrigator and enjoy an even fresher feeling the next time you are cleaning your teeth. The water bubbles softly and cleanly on the tongue and teeth. With SecoSan, oral hygiene is no longer just a daily duty. It becomes a pure, fresh pleasure.



  • Oral irrigator



So that you have a clean feeling during your daily dental hygiene routine, we use the age-old active principle of silver. Because silver ions surround bacteria and germs in water, neutralize them and thereby stop them from multiplying. This is exactly how SecoSan works - independent on temperature for up to 6 months.
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For water tanks of up to 2 liters

  • Water flask
  • Coffee machine
  • Air humidifiers
  • Indoor fountains
  • Pet troughs
  • Water decanter
  • Drinking flask
  • Air cooler


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Benefits in practice

  • Effective for 6 months even when the water is changed or consumed on a daily basis
  • Active system based on bacteria-preventing property of silver
  • Absolutely food safe
  • Objectively no flavor changing effect identifiable (laboratory tested)
  • Up to 100% recyclable
  • Proven effectiveness
  • CE certified
  • Drinking water suitability tested (internationally)