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Simple, reliable and good value

1. Purity law

  • keeps clean water fresh and pure
  • prevents the emergence of bacteria, germs and fungi
  • absolutely food safe
  • suitable for the preparation of baby food


2. Energy source water

  • long-lasting water health
  • maximum amount of oxygen
  • drink pure life energy


3. Pure taste

  • Release of silver ions in an immeasurable range
  • no flavor changing effect
  • Unaltered pure taste


4. Simple formula

  • Reacts with water immediately
  • released silver ions are neutralized immediately upon reaction with bacteria and germs
  • an active principle which has been known from nature for 3000 years


5. Good value

  • has proven to work unimpaired for up to 6 months
  • without re-dosing
  • durable with hardly any restrictions in original packaging
  • a liter of pure water from 0.01 Euro


6. Possible applications

  • All-rounder for drinking and industrial water
  • Possible applications in household, industry and outdoors
  • for use in containers made of plastic, glass, ceramics, as well as aluminum and stainless steel






Benefits: Simple, reliable, and affordable


Benefits at a glance:

  • Silver ions prevent the emergence and multiplication of bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses at any temperature
  • SecoSan works effectively for 6 months without re-dosing even when the water is changed or consumed on a daily basis
  • The stick controls the release of the silver ions itself; overdosing and application errors are hence not possible
  • The water remains absolutely food safe and tasteless (laboratory tested)
  • The stick is easy to replace and is durable with hardly any restrictions in its original packaging
  • SecoSan is suitable for drinking water, CE certified and up to 100 % recyclable