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SecoSan: Proven effect and quality

Test results, test reports, certificates.

Transparency and quality. Two important words that we fill with content: The Trotec consortium is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. For you as a customer, that means we ensure and optimize the quality of our products and services verifiably from the development through to the production right up to the customer service.

This is why, as part of the development and production of our SecoSan products, we are in constant contact with renowned institutes and authorities, including the German Federal Environment Agency, the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information as well as the German Federal Ministry of Health and the German Federal institute for Risk Assessment.

We check and test our products in German institutes and laboratories that are recognized throughout Europe, if possible also according to DIN EN standards. In this way, each new product batch, for example, is checked by a renowned German institute to ensure the consistent adherence to our quality standards.

Download some of test results here:

The Ordinance on the quality of water for human consumption is particularly sufficient for its conditioning.
(Limit value for silver ions: 0.08 mg/L after conditioning. SecoSan: 0.04 mg/L maximum after conditioning)

The following test results and certificates will also be available for download soon:

  • The effectiveness of SecoSan in various applications (e.g. humidifiers, air coolers...).
  • Comparative study of SecoSan and standard silver ion products in powder or tablet form for water conservation
  • The effect of SecoSan on microorganisms in ponds and aquariums

Even more transparency: All technical details on SecoSan Products: